Ylläksen Onkalot

pikku Äkäskelo isotausta

Pieni Äkäskelo rooms

The cottage has two bedrooms downstairs and an alcove in the loft, accommodation for a total of 8 persons. Separate toilets on the ground floor and in the loft.

The main room brings spaciousness with high ceilings, having large windows. The main room with 50' flat screen TV and home theater ( Blu-ray) as well as heat storing natural stone fireplace. Ground floor fully tiled, hydronic underfloor heating (geothermal).

The kitchen has a dignified look with black wooden doors. It is equipped with a RST fridge with a small freezer, black dish washer, induction stove with oven, microwave oven, electric kettle, toaster, coffee maker and a complete set of dishes for 8 persons, pots and pans included.

The cottage comes equipped with a fancy RGB lights within showers, remote control stove warms sauna with a pleasant bathing experience.

Other Amenities: clothes drying cupboard and dressing room, 2x toilet, geothermal heating system, storage room (woodshed) and warm ski maintenance room. At the time of open water, use a pond 50m away from the cottage.

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