Ylläksen Onkalot

Äkäspirtti isotausta

Äkäspirtti history

A group of young skiers traveled in the mid-60's to enjoy almost untouched skiing expanse of Ylläs. They got all inclusive accommodation at Rantala single-family house and stayed in the house upstairs. The slopes were only reachable by cross-country skiing, downhill skis right behind a caravan. The group had come across the bus and the car was not available. Ski bus shuttled pretty badly at that time in Yllas ... There were hardly roads outside the village, not talking about the rouds to fell slopes.. Ski lift was at least been introduced almost 10 years ago (1957) in Varkaankuru Ravine, with petrol-driven motor. Kolari Railway was built in 1967 but the first passenger train to Kolari came only in 1985.

In these modest circumstances, spending ski holidays, the young men were thinking about with each other, if they could come up with some kind of hut with a help of volunteers to be build. The following year, 17.6.1966 trade of a property of about 2000 m2 was agreed with Aatos and Irma Kaulanen. The property was located in a place which was about 1,5 km away fom the Äkäslompolo village. There were hardly neighbors nearby at that time, so this was a optimal place for a hut desired. Äkäskerho (a club) was founded to constribute skiing and hiking activities in Ylläs and elsewhere. Foundation pillars were formed 10-18.9.1966 at the time when there was "ruska" at its best in Lapland.

The log frame was handmade by Toivo Hakala in Saarenpudas (finished 27.3.1967) and the frame was moved to its final postition starting at 30.6.1967. The electricity was available the coming summer in the village and the hut was hooked up to the network right away. The hut was named to Äkäspirtti. An awesome dinnertable with two benches was orderd from jailhouse in Riihimäki in the fall of 1968. The equipment arrived late winter -69 (this is the year when the coming owner of Äkäspirtti was born). Before came into use the poor table had to wait in the late winter snow before entered Äkäspirtti.

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