Ylläksen Onkalot

Äkäspirtti tausta Suomen lippu Iso-Britannian lippu


Booking and Payment terms

Booking is confirmed by paying 30% of the total renting fee, and the rest of the fee not later than three weeks before the beginning of the staying. The payment instruncttion are stated in the invoices. If the Customer cancels the reservation until 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the Customer gets back the final payment (or actually does not have to pay the final payment, 70% of the total). The booking fee (30%) is not refundable unless Customer cancels reservation before 45 days before the beginning of the stay, from which the handling fee of 10 € and cancellation expenses of 50 € / cabin shall be deducted. If a cancellation is made later than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the whole rent is charged unless the week will not be booked by another Customer. In case of this re-booking, Customer gets all money back but 50 €. A cancellation is regarded as valid the moment when the marketing organisation (mokit@yllaksenonkalot.fi) has been informed of it. If the Customer can show that the cancellation has been made and sent to the right address in time, the cancellation is approved even if it came late or never reached its destination.

Rental terms

The cottage and its property are normally available during Your staying, firewood included. Things NOT included in the fee (if not otherwise specified): final cleaning, bed linen (You have to bring Your own or ask for them, at the costs 18 € /person /week), toilett paper and shower consumables like shampoo. The final cleaning means vaccuming, taking carbage to the outside container, clean toiletts, kitchen and such things for leaving the cottage in a good condition for the next visitors. If You loose the key we can charge You the costs for changing the locks (about 300 €). If You cause damages, those weill be negotiated. At the arrival please make sure that everything is alright and if something is wrong call us immediately (to make sure You are not responsible of any damage caused by the previous customer): +358 50 3077366. Pets are allowed only in Äkäspirtti and Eki-Ylläs, but smoking and pets are are prohibited in general. In case, extra cleaning after smoking or keeping pets, will cost 700 € and is charged afterwards. (This charge does not apply keeping pets in Äkäspirtti and in Eki-Ylläs.)